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About RKM

       Real Knoxville Music Inc. was founded by Chris Lamb, a local music lover and amateur Songwriter. We received our official Non-Profit Status in September of 2020. RKM runs an internet radio station that plays local music from Knoxville and East, TN, 24/7. 


       We also run a professional recording studio, where we charge a discounted rate to musicians, and connect musicians together for collaboration. Most Recently, RKM has started a Merch division, where we make CD’s, t-shirts, koozies, hats, and other merch for musicians and local businesses. 


          Our mission is to support and promote local music from Knoxville and the Surrounding areas in any way that we can. We believe in the talent of these incredible artists, and believe it should be shared with everyone. We are just doing our part to make that happen. 


If you would like to be involved or help out our cause, check out our donate page or email us at for current needs and volunteer opportunities. 

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